Board of directors

The board of directors is made up of two directors appointed by each of the member communities of MWIFMA. In 2020, the members of the board are:

Lina Condo


Lina Condo has worked in the fishing industry for the past 20 years. Over the last decade, she has been working for Ulnooweg as an advisor for the development of fisheries enterprises.

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She was Director of Fisheries for the community of Gesgapegiag for 4.5 years, at the beginning of Marshall initiatives. She sits on the board of directors of MWIFMA since 2016 and was elected President in 2020. She also seats on the board of directors of NIFI, the National Institute of Indigenous Fisheries, and that of Salaweg inc.

Johanne Basque


Johanne Basque is a member of the community of Gespeg. She has worked in the fisheries sector for her community for 18 years now and have been acting as Director of Fisheries since 2016.  

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She is involved on the board of directors of MWIFMA since its inception in 2012 and is a vice-president since the beginnings. MWIFMA is an essential organization to provide support to the three communities that are part of it. In addition to support, our organization takes part in various development and research projects. Conservation and protection of the environment are of the utmost importance to us. The MWIFMA team is great and efficient. The team spirit ensures its smooth operation and good collaboration.

Nancy Dumont


Nancy Dumont is a dynamic, honest and versatile person. She works at the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation since January 2018.

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Nancy is responsible for administering the commercial fisheries management system, performing various secretarial duties for the employees and community members of the PNWW. She is a member of the MWIFMA board since November 2019 and acts a the secretary-treasurer since 2020. It is with pride that she accepted this position in order to get involved and learn more about the development and culture of the three nations. She wants to be able to bring new ideas and help communities develop economically and culturally. She looks forward meeting you.

Christina Burnsed


Christina Burnsed is the Director of Fisheries for the Mi’gmaq’s of  Gesgapegiag since 2019.

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For many years, she worked in finance for the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi (MMS) Secretariat, as well as for the MicMacs of the Gesgapegiag Band. She is also a member of the MWIFMA Board of Directors since 2019.

Guy-Pascal Weiner


Guy-Pascal Weiner has just been proudly appointed as Director of Commercial Fisheries for the Wolastoqiyik Wahsepikuk First Nation after having served as the Fisheries Coordinator for three years.

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MWIFMA is sort of the gray matter behind several commercial fisheries owned by the founding nations of the organization. He feels privileged to contributing to it and to work alongside professionals with extraordinary talents and first-class individuals. May this synergy be lasting and guarantee abundant, profitable and sustainable fishing resources.

Ghislain Shaw



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